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✔️ TOP 8!! Mejores aplicaciones 🥇 mas buscadas con SUPER-FUNCIONES 2020 ✔️

Top 8 Aplicaciones 🥇 para Android mas buscadas con super funciones 2020


Hola a todos, este es el primer top aplicaciones con super funciones, las llamaremos asi , para evitar problemas con youtube y google, asi que ya saben a que nos referimos con super funciones, estas aplicaciones estan en su ultima version y con super funciones espero que les guste, si les gusta suscribanse a CyanDroid!!!

💎 Deezer Music Player [Premium]

e3EFti0rGY2JdYNPOwmR4DjSW r 0Yn2gq9Q lnU6hqe8LpO4NXlTdzbJqbHVa3pJqY=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉Visual ads blocked
👉Audio ads blocked
👉Song skipping enabled
👉Seeking feature unlocked
👉Song Selection in mix menu feature unlocked
👉Unlimited shuffle feature unlocked
👉Download any song feature unlocked
👉Choose any song feature unlocked
👉Add to Queue features unlocked
👉Play Next feature unlocked
👉Audio quality switches – Lossless audio (high fidelity) unlocked
👉Repeats feature unlocked
👉Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
👉Analytics / Crashlytics disabled


💎 Hola VPN 1.160.491 [Premium]

CTqc1bZ8SOOj9IjVWNIvl8K8W7bKiWaU 3oRtnqC jmZvHVfHkaAR9FM6V0xPtm78xwh=s180 rwHola VPN Plus | Desbloquear sitios web, aplicaciones y contenido | contenido multimedia Stream | Mantenga sus actividades segura, segura y privada.

• La única VPN que proporciona un acceso sencillo directo a sus sitios web favoritos censurados o bloqueados
• Desbloquea aplicaciones y sitios web de todo el mundo
• Ocultar su dirección IP para navegar por Internet de forma privada y anónima
• Los países del interruptor con facilidad
• Acelera la navegación web
• Reduce los costos de los planes de datos

Que trae el Mod?
👉Premium features unlocked


💎 Instagram [Premium]

2sREY 8UpjmaLDCTztldQf6u2RGUtuyf6VT5iyX3z53JS4TdvfQlX rNChXKgpBYMw=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉 Download photos, videos, stories, IGTV videos
👉 Removed ads from tapes and stories
👉 Ability to listen to and remove stories with music without the need for a VPN (but with the addition to the story did not figure it out)
👉 Copy and translate comments
👉 Copy bio from profile on click
👉 Disable svayp-navigation in the tape (left in the camera, right in direct)
👉 Clickable links in comments
👉 Enable default video sound
👉 Disable video autoplay (long tap on camera icon)
👉 Hiding viewing stories, recordings, broadcasts
👉 Unreadable direct (when enabled, messages are not marked read in any way except by sending a message)
👉 Ability to open links in an external browser
👉 The inscription in the profile, if the person is following you
👉 Repost any stories to yourself in the story (even if the user has forbidden them to repost at all)
👉 Developer settings with a long tap on the house icon
👉 Zoom photo long tap
👉 Turn off a like when double tapes
👉 Rewind video
👉 Double line input in directive


💎 SnapTube [Premium]

NkDz TQvHXFxSSt2ryfg2dorZ4pHxBoOcwKhD4hEkDShQUEFg BB7ACyWuVHCeERC3g=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉 No banner ads.
👉 Permanently remove App ads
👉 Enable ‘Batch download’ feature
👉 Enable ‘2K & 4K’ download option for some HD videos.


💎 IPTV 5.2.6 [Premium]

ogxniIVkA NDWLbPPhbzitf3tOMRBXhRLKr6nbIdrRTu1t1KC4QDDu4EDvltUeSog9I=s180 rwCaracteristicas
✔ M3U and XSPF playlists support
✔ Playlists history
✔ Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy need to be installed in your LAN)
✔ Ability to auto-reconnect to streaming server when connection is closed unexpectedly (http streams only)
✔ Grid or list view of TV channels
✔ EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats
✔ Start app on device boot option

Que trae el Mod?
👉No LP or Google Play Modded nedded
👉Analytics / Crashlytics disabled
👉AOSP compatible


💎 TeaTV 9.9.9e [Premium]

vTPPiZ6s3eubcweTova0cU2DNypENv6ANmjUBJgSWaigfcYUEe3cD3TSicx 2FVSZQ=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉Ads Removed
👉Sponsored banner layout removed
👉Disabled / Removed unwanted receivers and services
👉All ads and services calls from Activity removed
👉All ads banner layout in tablet mode removed
👉No forced update
👉Analytics disabled.


💎 RAR 5.80 [Premium]

bTV0yJmaQGeMCeT3iV1u4j5Zmzhfz4he KjnxC2kRu5xd6D7 N3lP1z5ADNEh sSeEN2=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (2.72 MB total apk size)
👉Analytics Disabled
👉Changed to Dark Interface
👉Changed default icon
👉All ads and services calls from activity removed
👉Removed Help Manuals from Menu
👉Languages: En, Ru


💎 Musicmatch 7.5.1 [Premium]

Hrp zUTdmMnMWTdXi4GKUNwbix4ooYNSZrFl2VRwyyX Gu49zLLO1X9q16zY8FZHog=s180 rwQue trae el Mod?
👉Premium features unlocked



Hola, me gusta mucho la tecnologia, soy estudiante de Ingenieria en Computacion, en la Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala, me gusta hacer video para YouTuebe. En el mudo de internet me conocen como CyanDroid

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